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CWT (formerly Carlson Wagonlit Travel) is a travel management company that manages business travel, meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions, and handles event management. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company reported US$23 billion in total transaction volume in 2018. It is ranked 5th on the list of top earning travel companies published by Travel Weekly.


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Sourcing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This review is based on the account I worked for only. CWT may be a good place to work if placed on the right account, with the right support and the right managers assigned. The account I was on was a nightmare with employee turnover that was extreme. Managers were not there to encourage, help or set the right practices in place. Account was so severely understaffed that each day was a challenge. None at allsee reviews above"

Senior Business Travel Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Stressfull place, dreaded to go to work.Management do not give a toss about the employees, and will squeeze every last drop out of you for no extra incentives. If you're face doesn't fit, they'll find a way to sack you.nice officevery easy to make mistakes, especially if you're being set up for a fall"

Conseiller voyages (Former Employee) says

"L’entreprise fait des millions d’euros de bénéfices et paie ses employés au smic... pas de participation aux bénéfices, pas d’intéressement, pas de primes !"

Business Travel Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Super stressante e poco organizzato. Spesso al vertice personale incompetente"

Corporate Travel Counselor (Former Employee) says

"I worked for CWT for over a decade and was laid off along with hundreds of other people in several rounds of lay off as the company outsourced its operations, and got rid of their brick and mortar offices. They did it swiftly and uncaringly, by some magic formula that did not take into account how productive, knowledgeable or well liked their employees were, and just did it in a spread sheet created by HQ who did not personally know the people they laid off. It was cold, impersonal and unfeeling, and included people who were only months short of retirement to keep from giving them their well deserved benefits and pension after decades of service. After I left, I found out how much more I could make elsewhere and not have the militaristic and rigid environment of a call center where you have to log in your every move. My lay off was a blessing-more money, easier work and more travel. If you like working from home then this might work, but don't expect long term employment from a company that does not value their employees-it's all about profit and their employees are dispensed like fast food workers and yesterday's newspaper."

International Travel Counselor (Former Employee) says

"CWT is no longer a service oriented company. They want everything to be point and click which it is not. Monitor calls, keystrokes, outbound calls. If you want to be micro managed work here. They insist you use software programs to book hotels and sedan service. These programs are slow!! Meanwhile, while you are waiting for these programs you are being messaged to pick up calls!! Clients aren't serviced properly so they are rude and irritated and no support from management. They won't give you any money for your virtual office saying you can claim your home office on your taxes, well you can't!! So they are using your real estate and heat/ac and won't even reimburse you for a desk? I worked there for 12 years and one day decided I didn't need this anymore."

Travel counselor (Current Employee) says

"Over worked, and they set you up for failure. Systems are out dated, they expect you to do more for the same wage with little to no regard for your time and the time it takes to complete. Very little help when needed. Unorganized and no respec for agents.MoneyManagement, outdated systems"

Director of Business Development (Former Employee) says

"Leadership is clueless about how horrible the traveler services group is and the hit to their reputation has taken. Technology does not work half the time or too expensive.nonedon't let them sucker you in, their integrity is horrible!"

Freelancer Eventos (Former Employee) says

"Boa ambiente de trabalho, ótimos profissionais e uma cultura empresarial forte.BenefíciosDificuldade para promoção e aumento salarial"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company does not reward hard work and knows no loyalty to its employees. Poor management, self-serving and without any real zeal for enhancement of employee involvement, run away."

Senior Corporate Travel Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Did not provide salary increase for over 2 years. Upper management do not care for employee welfare. Do not encourage employee advancement. Lost all will to work for such a company. Not funNonePoor healthcare"

conseiller voyage senior (Current Employee) says

"Conseiller voyage depuis 10 ans, les avantages sociaux sont remis en cause : 6ème semaine de congé, RTT... Tous les 2 ans un PSE est organisé. Le travail est transféré sur des pays à bas coût. Surcharge de travail pour ceux qui restent, process décidés au siège américain, RH complêtement dépassée.. Les salaires sont ceux de la grille SNAV et toutes les augmentations sont gelées depuis des années.. Je ne recommande pas. Leader mondial du tourisme mais plus pour longtemps.aucunsalaire minimum, organisation du travail qui mêne direct au surmenage"

Corporate Government Travel Counselor (Former Employee) says

"CWT wants top notch service but is not willing to pay for it. Management and policies constantly changing with additional work requirements with no additional compensation. Micro management was over the top. Could not voice complaints or question policies without retaliation. Last policy I had an issue with was could not place a client on hold at all, not to take a sip of water or cough, had to mute client. Could NEVER use after call to complete work. Not realistic about how work could be performed."

Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This company does not pay you according to you experience but according to your race. No paid overtimes on weekdays, bias work distribution and career growth is zero."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"My role in this company was to issue air tickets and also invoice companies for the travel booked. We also looked in to general queries from Head office"

Senior VIP Travel Counselor (Former Employee) says

"Employees are but a number. Management teams are a good ol' girl groups that are absolutely power hungry. They portend to know the day-to-day business but have no clue and don't ask for input. If input given, they pacify briefly or "get rid" of those who challenge the system. It's like a bad "Stepford" organization. Much brainwashing going on in the higher ranks."

Senior Travel Counselor (Former Employee) says

"I would not work for them again. The office I worked was not a good place. Management was very poor, unprofessional office. I am sure Carlson Wagonlit Travel overall is not like the way this office was managed, otherwise they would not be in business.I take my job seriously and there to do my job. They are not.Would be discussed at interview."

International Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Poor training and poor management at the lower levels. Technology lacks efficiency and effectiveness and is slow every single day. In addition you are expected to work some after hours (which would not be an issue if training were substantial) but all they want is body to answer the phones so the statistics look good (certainly not customer service minded).In addition the phone system leaves a lot to be desired as it often crashes. Again training on the system as a whole is lacking. Lastly, due to poor staffing, one is usually assigned to assist another team but seldom training to provide a high level of service is provided.NoneAll of it although the benefits are good but not worth the headaches one gets daily"


"I regret working in this company because the management do not know how to take care of their employees. There was never a "work/life balance." The workplace was very messy and toxic. With regard to my scope of work, my immediate supervisor had required me to provide service to customers in APAC, USA, and Europe. This was the hardest part of the job and it was unreasonable because the customers were located at different timezone."

Senior German Expense Administrator (Current Employee) says

"My workplace taught me how to use my own initiative and work as an individual and as a Team. Also given me the opportunity to share my leadership and management skills. I completely enjoy my job as I get to work with my clients personally everyday. The hardest part of the job is chasing clients for money they owe us.Flexible luncheseveything else"

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